Why or Who Should Opt For NIOS?

Anyone who opts for NIOS has some luxuries to enjoy which are common for every student opting for NIOS.

  • Students don’t have to attend schools and can prepare for the exam directly. There are many tutors available through LearningPotato, who can help students easily in their self-study.
  • You can opt for a number of subjects you want to clear in one term. Like from 5 subjects, you can go for two in November and three in April or anything according to your convenience and confidence level of the student. So the student will not be burdened with all the subjects at the time of any exam.
    The credits of the subjects will be accumulated and the certification of passing will be provided once all the required subjects are cleared. This helps students in the flexibility of subjects and pace of learning.
    At Secondary (X) and Senior Secondary level (XII), a student is extended as many as nine attempts over a period of five years.
  • The assignment which students need to submit has not a single date but a period allotted, so students can schedule it accordingly.


But the regular board and school life have their own advantages in the growth of the student which everyone is aware of. So the above reasons, in particular, are not enough to decide and go for NIOS. The main reason to opt for NIOS always vary student by student but there are some common observations of students which we would like to point out here.

  • Sportstudents / Sportspersons: 

Many students who are doing good in sports and want to make a career in it, face difficulties in academics. We are not talking about their academic marks here but the attendance and school activities are what they miss.
This affects their effective grade and morale at the end of the year. This is a big reason for worry for the parents as well. On one side there is immense competition in any sports you choose today and when the kid is doing good in it, they are not being able to focus on school and studies the way other kids do.
Some schools help here by ignoring the attendance of students because of the tournaments and practices but still, it doesn’t reduce the worry of parents.
NIOS helps here in a great way. Students can focus easily on their daily practice and tournaments schedule and still can manage the studies at their own pace.

  • Medical Condition:

Many kids with medical conditions lack the speed at which schools go ahead with the syllabus. This creates difficulty in understanding and takes a toll on the confidence of students.
On one side the medical condition and on the other side slow growth in academics creates a dilemma for the parents and kids. Adding to it, most of the time these kids need special help at the time of exams like more time and scribe facility.
NIOS can be helpful here as the students can study from home and don’t need to worry about the way things work at school and they can study at their own pace with the help of a personal tutor.
They provide concessions for medical students at the time of exams as well. Depending on the disability, there are provisions created by the NIOS board. The detailing of concessions provided by NIOS to medical students is in the link below.
A mention from NIOS website:
The NIOS programs pay special attention towards requirements of the first generation learners, physically, mentally and visually challenged learners and candidates from disadvantaged sections of the society

  1. Educational Gap:

    Many working professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, housewives or anyone who wants to study prefer to complete their basic education and graduation without disturbing their work schedule. NIOS’s distance learning program is really helpful for that.

  2. NRI Students:

    Though India has many schools of International Boards now (in at least metro cities), getting admission in these schools specifically if the student has to shift to India in the middle of the academic year is impossible these days.

  3. Preparing for IIT-JEE/NEET:

    This is also a common observation that students are opting for NIOS in 12th so that they don’t need to complete minimum attendance at the regular school or college. But the curriculum of 12th Science for NIOS is too vast and this might take equal time for students to prepare for boards.

  4. On-Demand Exam (ODE):

    This might be one of the most helpful systems available for students. This is in operation at the secondary (X) and senior secondary (XII) stage.
    To explain to you in short, if the student fails in any particular subject because of any reason and is confident to attempt the exam of that subject immediately so that the academic year shouldn’t be affected, they can just opt for NIOS ODE. They can attempt this exam on time, get it checked and receive the result within a few days.
    Many students opt for ODE to improve their grades as well to get qualified for Pilot Training Course.


So these are the reasons we observed over the years where students opted for NIOS and did a great job with the help of our highly qualified and trained personal tutors.